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Shanghai Phoenix was rated as “2014 annual well-known brand of Shanghai light industry”

2015-09-06 10:07:02 分享:
Shanghai Light Industry Association announced the approval list of famous and excellent brands of Shanghai Light Industry of 2014 on 29th,April. A total of 86 enterprises including Shanghai Phoenix Bicycle were selected. “Opinions of the selection of famous and excellent brands of Shanghai Light Industry of 2014” was issued on October,2014 by Shanghai Light Industry Association, carrying out the declaration work of famous and excellent brands of Light Industry. The poll, in the scope of any light industry enterprises registered in shanghai, aims at promoting good image of Shanghai Light Industry’s own brands by cultural creativity. And its appraisal objects are terminal consumer goods of self-owned brand. Following these steps: application of enterprise independently, primary review of industry association,drafting recommendation, expert review of light industry association, 3 year valid term(2015-2017) and informing recognition. The selection of the standard was strict, from the brand influence, product’s quality to the social responsibility and contribution of corporate are all take into consideration, then indentify the list and announced by media.
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