Corporate culture

Time-honored China Brand

The Shanghai Phoenix (Group) Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Tongchang Bicycle Shop, the first bicycle shop in China established in 1897. Shanghai Phoenix went public in 1993. Then it was certified as a “Time-honored China Brand” and the “Most Competitive Brand in the Market” by the Ministry of Commerce. It is one of the first brands to win the title of China Famous Brand.In 2010, the company conducted a creative mixed-ownership reform under the leadership of the Shanghai Municipal Government and the Party Committee and District Government of the Jinshan District.Through years of development, the company has become a conglomerate integrating the production, research development, and sale of bicycles, children’s bicycles, electric bicycles and medical equipment.

Progress with the time
In 2017, Shanghai Phoenix entered the shared bike market, deployed at the upstream of the industry chain and invested in new companies of technological innovation. It also set foot in the field of intelligent lock and platform operating system and created shared bike system solutions including the design and manufacturing of bikes and intelligent parts, operating background and user APP development and update. Meanwhile, the company concluded a strategic agreement with ofo on the basis of previous cooperation to further their joint effort in product supply, product development, brand integration, technological standard formulation and overseas market expansion to enhance the brand awareness and communication power of Phoenix as a national brand, further promoting the pattern of shared bike and exporting Chinese shared bikes.

Future exploration
Phoenix is a sparkling pearl of the Chinese light industry and an excellent representative of Chinese time-honored brands. The year 2017 marked the 120th anniversary of Shanghai Phoenix. As a relative state-owned listed company, it will actively fulfill its social responsibilities, explore the future traffic development demand of cities and evolve bicycles into intelligent terminals linking with people’s life to make a contribution to social progress and urban development.